‘Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer’ on GoodReads

Hi all,

So I just became aware of this great website called goodreads.com that allows members to review, recommend, and comment on books. While stumbling around the internet today, I found that someone has reviewed Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer on the site, which is great — we rely entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews for sales, so sites like this one are absolutely incredible. You can take a look at the goodreads review here.

If anyone out there has read my book and likes what they have read, I’d appreciate any support at all in the form of reviews, recommendations, blog-posts, anything. Really, any and all support is important and appreciated. If we want small presses to have a fighting chance against the big-name publishing houses and chains, we’ve got to stick together and help each other get the word out about our books! I definitely think it’s worth it.

Happy Holidays, and thanks, as always!

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