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"Stobierski's confidence, mastery of language, sexual energy, and essential vitality make it impossible to turn away." — Gina Barreca, They Used to Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted


A queer love story in five acts, Dancehall follows the arc of a relationship from its earliest days to its final, somber conclusion.

In these 60 poems, you will join the speaker as they navigate the highs and the lows, the tranquility and the turbulence, the euphoria and the despair that comes with giving yourself fully to another.

Whether straight or queer, young or old, single or happily partnered, this book is for anyone who has ever loved or longed for another.

Dancehall Front Cover
Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer Cover

Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer

“Often I feel, probably as many others do, that I am a stranger to myself, witnessing my own life from afar. And when I do, I am glad that Tim Stobierski writes poetry."—Darcie Dennigan, author of Madame X


Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer is Tim Stobierski's first collection of poetry, a chapbook published by River Otter Press in 2012.

The poems explore themes of family, poverty, and death — juxtaposed against love and longing, and with a barely-there thread of magic strung throughout.