‘Permaculture’ reprinted in Eunoia Review

'Home Depot 4' by BernardBoyGenius/Flickr
‘Home Depot 4’ by BernardBoyGenius/Flickr

Poem #2 in Eunoia Review: ‘Permaculture‘ — check it out! Inspired by a TV ad for The Home Depot I saw years ago…you never know when inspiration will hit haha.


“Let’s plant a weekend, water it, and watch a summer grow.”
–The Home Depot

But why stop there?
Let’s plant a summer and harvest
a year, till in the year
and get back a decade. It’s all
in the soil, that’s what they say;
some say the soil
is even more important
than the seeds.
So let’s take a minute—scratch that,
a second, a picosecond—a chronon
and bury it in the backyard, down
where the children play. There’s plenty
of rain here, there’s plenty
of sun. In no time at all
we’ll have an eternity,
and if we till that back in like we did with the year
we can watch the next big bang
from the comfort of our own front porch,
and the one after that while we’re lying
in bed, and the next we’ll close our eyes to—
we’ll have seen it all before.


This is a reprint of work originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer.

Tim Stobierski is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut’s creative writing program. A freelance writer and editor, he has interned for three summers with Yale University Press and is currently seeking a career in publishing. His first book of poetry, Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, was published in October 2012 by River Otter Press.

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