‘Jack loves Jill’ reprinted in Eunoia Review

Crook Hill, Peak District by Rick Harrison/Flickr
‘Crook Hill, Peak District’ by Rick Harrison/Flickr

And last but not least, poem #3 from my book Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer reprinted in Eunoia Review:

Jack loves Jill

but Jill doesn’t love Jack,
Jill loves Andy, who has a mustache
and works the next cubicle over,
next to the fax machine; and Andy,
when he gets up to fax his expense reports
out to the central office, smiles at Jill,
but checks out Steph,
the mail delivery girl with blonde hair and nice tits;
and Steph of course thinks that Andy is too old,
and what’s with that mustache?
This isn’t the 80s, and even if it was,
mustaches were never cool.
Maybe if he shaved it off
she’d give him a shot, a handjob
in the supply closet—but right now she’s into Bill,
who pushes the sandwich cart and drives
a red Camaro and is capital H-O-T: hot.
But Bill loves Phil, and Phil loves Kate,
and Kate loves Dave, and Dave loves
Jane, and Jane loves Pat, and Pat—
Pat hopes one day only to love himself.
His mother didn’t hold him enough as a baby,
or so the story goes.

Oh Jack and Jill walk up the hill
on their way to the company picnic,
and Jack leans in for a kiss, but Jill will have none of this
and gives him a slap, and they both lose their footing
and fall.

The human element in all of this, if you’re looking,
is in the falling.


This is a reprint of work originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer.

Tim Stobierski is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut’s creative writing program. A freelance writer and editor, he has interned for three summers with Yale University Press and is currently seeking a career in publishing. His first book of poetry, Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, was published in October 2012 by River Otter Press.

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