Midwest Quarterly announces full year of poetry

The Midwest Quarterlywhich just passed its 50th anniversary in 2009, has announced a year of issues that will contain nothing but poetry, which is extraordinarily good news for any poets out there. These are themed issues revolving, in order of appearance, around “The Living and the Dead,” “Rural and Urban,” “Trash and Treasure,” and “Work and Play.”

Though the deadlines for the fist three issues have already passed, poets can still submit to the “Work and Play” issue until September 1st — up to five previously unpublished poems per submission.

I’m also thrilled to say that I just found out that two of my newer poems have been accepted for the issue focused on “The Living and the Dead,” tentatively scheduled for October 2013! The first — “She sometimes dreams” — I wrote while a student at UConn, under the tutelage of Darcie Dennigan (with some fine tuning by Penelope Pelizzon), and the second — “Poltergeist” — I wrote during a particularly boring shift stocking produce at my local Adams Hometown Market (which just goes to show you that  zucchini can serve as both a tasty side dish and poetic inspiration all at the same time).

Sorry I didn’t get this call out to you all earlier, but if you’ve got any poetry that meshes with “Work and Play” (however loosely) get out there and submit today!

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