Ground Zero published!

A few weeks ago I posted about Ground Zero, a poetry anthology that was accepting submissions. It has finally been published and is ready to order!

Focused on ideas of mental health, suicide, depression, and addiction, all proceeds of the book go towards Do It For Daron, a suicide prevention project based in Ottawa. It was edited and published as a joint effort between Good Morning Bedtime Story and Retcon Poet.

“Foundation,” one of the poems from my book Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, is included in the anthology. Centered around a young boy trapped in an abusive relationship with his father, the poem focuses on thoughts of love, family, transformation, and freedom.

From the official website:

GROUND ZERO is the definitive poetry project centered on mental health. Co-produced by Retcon Poet and Good Morning Bedtime Story, this collection features over fifty poems from almost a dozen different writers.

From the grips of agoraphobia to a bird’s eye view inside a broken home; tackling bullying, homophobia and the scores of teen suicides in the last decade; through the heartbreak of schizophrenia and clinical depression, we have one question to ask:

Is it possible to write our way to a better world, and if not, a better state of mind?

Featuring seven poems written exclusively for this collection, GROUND ZERO seeks to answer that with a definitive yes.

I hope you can all find some kind of solace in the works included. Pick up a copy today to support an amazing charity, and an amazing project!

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