My essay on how I quit writing up at The Good Men Project website

Image credit: Drew Coffman/Flickr

The Good Men Project is running a seies right now on the topic of ‘quitting’ — the impact that quitting anything can have on your life. The possibilities are endless, and if you have an idea for them, I suggest you get on over there and submit. The Good Men Project is an amazing website/magazine/community that is “fostering a national discussion centered around modern manhood and the question, ‘What does it mean to be a good man?’ ”

I’ve had a number of pieces run on the website — including my newest piece, published today as a part of their ‘quitting’ segment — and I have to say that they are wonderful people to work with.

The article of mine that they published today, How I Quit Writing, looks back at a period of my time when, frustrated with rejection after rejection, I simply gave up. I felt defeated, worthless.  Directly from the post:

I was lucky. My period as a quitter invigorated me to continue down the road that I had always known I wanted to travel down. It could have easily gone the other way, and I am so very thankful that it didn’t. I’m thankful that quitting helped me to realize that if there was anything worth fighting for, it was myself.

What are your experiences with quitting? Have you ever felt as if there was no point in trying to continue writing? Check out the full article here and contribute to the conversation!

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