Linda Vachon, cover artist for “Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer” featured on RedBubble

“les étrangers / les intrus / leur univers” by Linda Vachon, featured artist on

The beautiful image used as the cover art for my book, Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, is by a Canadian artist named Linda Vachon. Expecting nothing in return, Linda kindly offered to let us use her image, “le temps/son mouvement” — and I can say without a doubt that it captures the undertones of the book. Poetic in its own right, I couldn’t have asked for a better cover. I continue to be flabbergasted by the sheer talent of the people involved in making my book a reality, especially Linda.

We found Linda’s work on an image-sharing website called RedBubble, which allows artists to upload their artwork as portfolios for others to see and purchase in different formats. It is an invaluable resource for publishers looking for amazing art — if you’re in this line of business, take a look!

I was looking through RedBubble today when I saw that Linda had been made a “Featured Artist” on the website. I can’t think of an artist who deserves it more than she does. Take a look at the article and get to know the artwork of this amazing person!

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